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Privacy Policy

Local Hero will post your activities on the this site, and as such, The Internet, aka "The World Wide Web", aka "dub-dub-dub" - IF you don't mark them as Private. Your Name, Points, and Activity on Local Hero will be displayed on this website and potentially on other websites down the road. Like Google, because they creep and crawl around and index website data. If you don't want your Name displayed, make sure you set up a Nickname. We promise not to sell or give your email to evil companies. Or even good companies. We're not into selling customer info. However, if someone offers us a ton of money to buy Local Hero, we'd sell the database with your name and activity along with it. We'd notify you if this were to happen. but we'd be doing the happy dance. It most likely won't materialize, but who knows? Stranger things have happened. We may dance anyway. We're not building Local Hero to get rich, we're doing it to encourage folks to buy local.

Terms of Service

Local Hero is a beta project. Please note that any data entered during the beta phase may be deleted without warning at any time. By using this website you agree to the above.

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Change Log

v1.3 June 5, 2014
  • Reduced dependency on cookies
  • Added display of non-profit needs to take action tab
  • Friend requests are here! You can now send friend requests to your favorite heroes.
  • Increased optimization and decreased page load times. The site should be much more responsive now!
  • Logging in now takes you to Take Action instead of your profile.
  • Fixed an issue where people could show up in friends lists twice.
  • Connecting to an organization will now show how many other people share that connection!
  • Added change log
v1.2 May 8, 2014
  • Added plain text to registration emails in case email providers strip out HTML
  • Added Favicon
  • Volunteer hours now count as one point per hour volunteered. Previous volunteer hours still only count as one per session.
  • Hero profiles are now available. Just click on a hero name on the Hero Wall.
  • Added new areas to the database
  • Mobile Site - Redesigned hero profile, identified menu, added new action buttons, added top info bar, reworked UI for commit and connect
v1.1 April 18, 2014
  • Fixed bug when forgot password
  • Fixed bug when adding activities after initial registration
  • Fixed layout issue on mobile when selecting donate
  • Privacy Policy on registration screen now opens in a new tab/window
  • Updated banner
  • Fixed issue on Mobile where user was being redirected back to home page after entering content
  • Updated verbiage for examples of Commit, Connect, and Take Action
  • Updated registration process so that information is saved between refresh
  • Added check for existing nickname during registration
  • Updated database connection info to minimize deployment time
  • Added validation for email addresses. Users must now verify their email address before using the system